The health and safety of our clients and associates remains paramount at OLIO.

OLIO adopts good health and safety practices while undergoing a thorough daily cleaning and disinfecting process for its facility, assets and equipment.


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the company has the following enhanced precautionary and cleaning measures instituted at OLIOspace and outcalls at clients' premises. 


OLIO complies with all statements and/or updates provided by the Singapore Government and World Health Organisation with regard to COVID-19 measures.


Every OLIOsquad team member is reminded on his social responsibility to maintain a high level of personal hygiene as the first level of defence against COVID-19. The company increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting its corporate office facility - OLIOspace, with particular attention paid to high-touch areas.

All visitors to OLIOspace are to check in via SafeEntry, have their temperature taken at the door and face masks are to be worn throughout the visit.

In addition to the training on housekeeping and hygiene protocols, the OLIOsquad is provided with ongoing guidance on COVID-19 awareness.


Prior to any appointment, the OLIOsquad will seek the client's declaration if any occupant is under quarantine, LOA or SHN orders. Face masks are to be worn throughout the service appointment. 

*UPDATE: As on 22 Aug 2021, the OLIOsquad is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.